PERSONAL GROWTH: Welcome To My Blog.

Hello beautiful souls! My name is Daisy Lukelesia, a passionate lover of art, nature, books, humanity and growth. I am a proud Kenyan Creative, thanks to my innate love for film, writing and creative designing all in one. My interest in self growth stems from back in my campus days, where at some point in my third year I got super invested in bringing out my best mental and physical forms through activities such as reading self help books and working out. The visualization of me having achieved that really motivated me and gave me good results for an abundant while. As a matter of fact, most of those habits I practiced do play a major role in who my sub conscious mind knows I am today. However, it always still felt at the back of my mind that something was missing. I craved for more growth, in all thinkable dimensions.

There comes a time in a 20 something year old’s life where this sudden ‘force’ to grow or change hits , and it often does so very unexpectedly, through very peculiar events and circumstances. You might feel like you have it all, a good career, success , maybe even a banging body, but still feel like something is missing on the inside. You may feel content with your life but somehow keep learning the hard way through consequences of repeated and unwanted choices. This is the part one suddenly realizes that it’s not only about the best physical form or even the highest of achievements, but also, or is it mostly, about one’s mental, spiritual and emotional forms. The inner world. Working on only half the aspects will deliver results, but only on the areas worked on. Mental, spiritual and emotional growth all involve a lot of self evaluation . We get to this stage where we really yearn for a better life . We long for a higher vibration and wish for a happier and more peaceful state, and get confused by the gap of the unknown between where we are and where we dream to be in future(in the streets they call it the twenties).We know we need peace and joy as much as (or maybe even more than) we need success and achievements, so we know we need to self evaluate if at all we want to achieve our dreams. Unlearning is a term easy to say but very hard to implement. “How do you expect someone who has lived most of their life sub consciously obeying certain thought patterns, feelings and actions to suddenly change all that in order to create a life of their dreams? You do realize it isn’t exactly a walk in the park.” Someone would mutter. And I would tap back to my most favorite layman quote, “Humans never cease to amaze me.” We are always complaining about wanting a better life, but when the opportunity to face change arrives, we term it as either hard, surreal or absurd , so we stick to our old beliefs and patterns, still hoping for a better life and actually having the audacity to complain when nothing changes.

We’ve all heard the famous sayings that talk about whatever we manifest on the outer world having already been manifested on the inner. Yet, very few people are willing to change themselves in order to experience outer change. I know there is nothing as hard as having to see why we behave the way we do, unlearning society’s limiting beliefs, changing recurring and unwanted behavioral patterns and facing past pain in order to achieve the blissful peace we crave . But so is the case when it comes to finding love, chasing our purposes, achieving our dreams, trying to stay consistent in all aspects of our lives, name it. The most beautiful things in life do not come easy, they involve a fight, and the beauty that comes out of it gives the fight a purpose. Also, for a pretty curious minded air sign like me , sticking to the same belief patterns and results for life sounds worse and boring , and I have an intense feeling I’m not the only one.

Welcome to this beautiful platform. I will try to express myself to the fullest, because I’d like to describe myself as an introverted ambivert if at all that makes sense. Since nobody ever wants unsolicited advice, I shall try to make my articles as interesting and as informative as possible, such that what you read is what you just might need. Growth is a major aspect of human development, and if you feel stuck in your process, if you need deeper motivation to go on, this might just be the place for you. Let’s share insights on mental, spiritual and emotional development. This goes without saying I’m not a professional shrink or a psychologist , just a pretty soul motivated by the thought of what a world it would be if we all lived life manifesting from our highest selves/beings. So let’s grow together and learn from each other in order to create the better world we dream of. I’ll end this with an insightful quote from Rumi, “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Ps; This post marks as one of the most random things I have ever done in my life. :).

Hello beautiful souls, here we bring to life the re known saying that goes , “Visualize your best self, and start showing up as her/im!”