Hello beautiful souls! My name is Daisy Lukelesia, a passionate lover of art, nature, books, humanity and growth. I am a proud Kenyan Creative, thanks to my innate love for film, writing and creative designing all in one. My interest in self growth stems from back in my campus days…


I did not want to plan about writing this. I just randomly opened my laptop and notebook and decided to put down what came to mind first. Well this did.

Talk about planning, am I the only writer who…

#Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey good people, so this post was supposed to go up on Monday the 7th of June, however, here we are today, life did happen , but as we all know, better late than never, or better yet, two days after my birthday, how about we call that fashionably late?😎…


I wanted to know of a way someone could stay constantly happy, without having to still feel motiveless and void after a while. I craved for more depth, meaning, fulfillment and alignment. Alignment. That was it. It felt like my body, mind, and soul were not in alignment.


I feel like we all have incredible fields of power within us to uniquely contribute to our different fields of passion in life. I really want to rant about the known saying that you’re good enough, but we’ve all heard it before, I bet a couple of times…

Daisy Valleria

Hello beautiful souls, here we bring to life the re known saying that goes , “Visualize your best self, and start showing up as her/im!”

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